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llusionary landscape in “the end of the earth” / Patagonia and the Andean mountains

The landscape of the “end of the earth” spread all over the continent of South America is the big rhythm itself that is different from the world we live in. In order to capture even a part of the dynamism and the truth of the earth in the infinite world, taking the image of “the infinity of the earth” as a life work.

The rhythm of the Earth resonates with the Spirit

I am experiencing lucky oportunities in illusionary landscape

For example, it is the sunset visited to Patagonia. At the moment the cloud-sea flickering like the aurora with the sunset oblique rays, it seemed as if the world had changed to another world only for a moment. It may be the moment when my spirit has resonated with the earth’s rhythm.

The earth’s rhythm in silence shows that the landscape is changing beyond your imagination too much.

How much can I tell you such a moment with pictures and pictures?

I try to transfer one end of this world to the pictures and images I get through the camera. Through sensitivity, I am talking about how the world is filled with fantasy, with the dynamics of the “living earth”.

Region of the giants, Patagonia

“Patagonia” which was feared as “the region of the giants” during the Age of Discovery is the name of region spreading in Argentina and Chile. In the land where overwhelming scales of nature spread, such as needle-peaks, freezing ice fields, and the Pampa spreading to the horizon, we can feel the drama of life in and around the magnificent natural rhythm.

The blessings of Andean Mountains

The Andean mountains across the continent of South America is a primitive existence that governs all the nature of the continent. “The Altiplano” with an altitude of 4000m, the snow capped mountains, the tropical rain forest, even coastal deserts, all the nature in South America come from the Andean mountains.

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Since 1996, he has been attending Latin America mainly in Patagonia, South America. While working for a major mountaineering travel company, as a Latin American counterpart, planning and attending a trekking tour. Established Andina Travela Co., Ltd. in 2011. Continue traveling to Patagonia while planning, arranging and guiding mountain trips.

Awards & Nominations

* The EPSON international pano awards 2017 / “SPECIAL AWARDS -“Highest Scoring Image” Winners Gallery 2017 – Sunset in Patagonia
* International Photographer of The Year (IPOTY) 2017 / “Honorable Mentions”
– Winners Gallery 2017: Star trail in Patagonia
– Winners Gallery 2017: Glacier Paradise: Antarctica
* International Photography Awards (IPA) 2017 / “Honorable Mentions”
– Winners Gallery 2017: Walking on the wind ripples
* Your Shot -National Geographic-: Daily Dozen, Apr 26, 2017 “After the tempest”
* International Photography Awards (IPA) 2018 / “Honorable Mentions”
– Winners Gallery 2018: Living in crystal desert

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